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What Does a Coil Do?

SMOK RPM80 RGC Replacement Coils

What Does a Coil Do?

Before we could talk about a vape coil’s diverse functions, we need to understand what a vape coil is.

One of the best pod systems - SMOK Nord

Vaping is always the best pastime for a group of friends on weekends or whenever you want to take your mind off things. You need to understand the quality behind all the best pod system and vaping kits so you can find the best ones according to your requirements. We are here to help you with it. We are here with a comprehensive review of SMOK Nord, which is one of the best pod systems in the range of vaping devices.

SMOK Nord Review

SMOK Nord Review

Best Mod Kits UK - Smok Mag P3 Kit


Life offers limited choices. Vapes, on the other hand, offer countless options – making choice of one mod a difficult and daunting task.

To make the task easier, our product review of Smok Mag P3 will help you to decide what to look for when you are purchasing a modified e-cigarette and if Smok Mag P3 Kit is the best kit choice in the UK.

Smok Mag P3 Kit