Clean Your Home With A High-Tech Robotic Vacuum

If you want to clean your home with a high-tech robotic vacuum, then the Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro is for you. This powerful and intelligent vacuum can be controlled via Wi-Fi so you can start cleaning from anywhere.

What is the Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro?
Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is the 1st auto-dumping robot vacuum-mop with four line lidar sensors from Viomi.

Equipped with state-of-the-art obstacle avoidance technology and dual Laser Lidar Sensors, this robotic vacuum can detect obstacles within 70-90mm at the front. It can automatically avoid 150+ common household items, like slippers, power strips, pet bowls, and dustbins, etc. Putting stuff away before cleanup is not a must anymore.

With a cutting-edge line laser sensor on the side, Alpha 2 Pro cleans as close as 1.5cm to the walls, or your items, leaving no messy corners without scratching your furnitures, walls or other items.

Also, with its 360° AI laser scanning & mapping technology, this automatic vacuum automatically builds a map of your home after the first mapping. It also adapts to a variety of complex environments and navigates smoothly to get your home thoroughly cleaned effortlessly anytime.

Why should you buy this robot vacuum?
The Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro is a great investment for someone who wants to clean their home with a high-tech robot vacuum. The vacuum has a remote control that lets you start it from anywhere, so you can clean your home without even being there. Plus, the vacuum is equipped with innovative technologies that make cleaning your house fast and efficient. It can detect obstacles, avoid them, and also automatically map out your house to find the areas most in need of cleaning. This means you won’t have to spend hours searching for dirt or dust bunnies that’s hidden deep in your carpet or behind furniture!

I highly recommend the Viomi Vacuum Alpha 2 Pro to anyone who wants to clean their home without all the hassle. It is a powerful, compact and lightweight vacuum that can clean your home without needing to lift a finger. I love it and I know you will too.

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