How To Prevent A Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck

What is a Robot Vacuum?
Robotic vacuum cleaners are a revolution in the world of home cleaning. They can clean your house much more efficiently by making sure that the robot is able to clean up every area of your floors.
Some people think that these robotic vacuum cleaners are too expensive and it is not worth buying one if you can just do the job manually. But if you want a cleaner and more sanitized environment, then the investment will be worth it in the long run.
The Benefits of Owning a Robot Vacuum
With robot vacuums, customers can clean their homes without even lifting a finger. It’s powerful enough to pick up small debris and leaves, yet safe enough to avoid damaging furniture or carpets.
The device also has a remote-control function for people who want to control it from afar. And it can be scheduled for specific times of the day so you don’t have to worry about running out of charge.
Viomi Alpha(S9)
Area where the new Alpha (S9) has made some progress. The suction power has risen from 2200Pa in the Viomi SE, to 2600Pa with the V3 model and now to 2700Pa with the S9 model, making the Alpha (S9) one of the most powerful models on the market. It offers up to 30 days of hands-free cleaning with auto dumping station that can carry 3L dust bag. Once the dust bag is full, the machine will give you a notification after which you can simply remove and throw away the disposable dust bag. The robot can sweep, vacuum, and mop together. The intelligent Y-type mopping integrates AI smart algorithms, which can simulate manual cleaning and two-way cleaning with higher cleaning coverage.

How Can I Prevent My Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck?
When you first purchase your robot vacuum, it might seem like an amazing invention to keep your house clean. But now that it’s stuck in a corner, you are starting to question its usefulness.
VIOMI Alpha (S9) has at the top 360-degree laser who takes care of scanning the space. Laser technology is extremely accurate (less than 2% deviation) and fast. It can scan up to 6 times 360 ° in one second up to 8 meters. The robotic vacuum cleaner can also overcome obstacles up to a maximum height of 2 cm.
Introduce the concept that the vacuum is designed to get stuck, and then provide a few ways on how to prevent it from happening
Vacuum cleaners are designed to be stuck. This is because they have a self-recovery mechanism. This mechanism helps them to get unstuck from difficult areas. However, this may not be what you want if you have a S9 Viomi vacuum cleaner. So, in this article we will share a few tips with you on how to avoid your vacuum cleaner getting stuck.

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